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  • Following several years of suffering with digestive problems, I finally took the plunge and had tests done which diagnosed IBS.  My consultant suggested I get nutritional advice, so I contacted Jen at Nutrition4living and haven’t looked back since….   I was determined to get my life back on track, I had become fed up of worrying over what I would eat and how it would affect me, eating out had started to become a nightmare, as indeed eating at friends houses, as I never knew how my digestive system would re-act!  After my first visit to Jen she provided me with a tailor made nutrition plan which I found surprisingly easy to follow, she gave me lots of ideas on things to cook (even treats) and I realised that I could survive without things that previously felt I could never have lived without!  After following the menu plans (even after only a short period of time) I found that I lost weight, my sleeping pattern improved greatly, and I had a lot more energy.  Jen also gave me great encouragement during my consultations with her and contacted me in between sessions to see how I was getting on. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jen to anyone…….

    - I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Jen to anyone…….
  • At the beginning of my pregnancy I knew nutrition would play a major role in how I felt and of course played a vital role in the early development of my baby. I contacted Jen to have a tailor made nutrition plan to assist me at this time. I was assured that Jen knew exactly the implications of a good balanced, healthy but realistic nutrition plan  that would benefit both me & baby. She dealt with more personal questions on the consultation form with empathy and non judgement and I really felt I connected with her and she understood my needs and gave me loads of easy to make recipes (some of which were healthy alternatives when those sugar cravings kicked in)   I would definitely recommend any woman embarking on their pregnancy journey to visit Jen
    I had very little adverse pregnancy symptoms in my first trimester and definitely would attribute this to the nutrition programme I was on.
    Thanks Jen.
    - I would definitely recommend any woman … to visit Jen

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A Holistic Approach to Nutrition




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Health and Wellbeing Coaching Sessions and Health and Wellbeing package days.

Wellness Coaching is applying professional life coaching to the goals of lifestyle improvement for higher levels of wellness. It is for people seeking greater health, people who want to move better, eat better and feel better. This is for people who want to live in balance so they can start to live at their utmost potential. Options for single/group appointments and company well-being packages days. Contact Jen today to find out more.

How does a Nutritional Therapist work?

A nutritional therapist looks at the root cause of the problem and not at just treating the symptoms. If you are to just treat the symptoms then the imbalances would remain and the symptoms would reappear down the line. Using a Functional Medicine approach there is a more patient-centered style, which addresses the whole person, not just the symptoms. This will support the unique expression of health and vitality for each individual.

During our consult we will take an in-depth history and go about dealing with the root cause so as to eliminate the problems for life. This does mean that you have to be committed to helping your-self, committed to healing yourself and committed to getting your life back, and your vitality back. Every client is treated as an individual, with their own unique physiological make-up.

As each individual has a different physiological make-up, so does their dietary and nutritional requirements. A Nutritional Therapist fully understands and recognises that the food we eat has a direct impact on our well-being. Through our in-depth training and knowledge we can help guide you towards a longer healthier life.

A Nutrition & Lifestyle consultation

The initial consult will take 1-1.5 hours. Using a Functional Medicine approach we take a comprehensive case history from clients covering current and past health issues, diet, lifestyle and family health. We will identify the aims and needs of the client, potential imbalances, root causes, and drivers and triggers which are contributing to the symptoms.

We will then look at developing:

  • A personalised Nutritional Programme,
  • Lifestyle advise,
  • Receipes and cooking tips,
  • Advise on proper use of supplementation if required. (i.e. probiotics, digestive enzymes, nutrients)
  • Teach the client the necessary skills and knowledge required to achieve their own optimal health.

Depending on the different programmes, it may take 2-4 consults. Usually at least one follow up appointment is required to monitor your progress and to make any changes to your Nutrition plan to ensure it is suiting you and your needs. A follow up appointment takes approx. 45 minutes.

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