So what is our body trying to tell us ?

Signs and Symptoms – So what is our body trying to tell us ?


What a great weekend I had in London, meeting with so many who all had an interest in nutrition and the power of eating healthy foods. There were medical doctors, dentists, acupuncturists, as well as Nutritional Therapists. It was fantastic to be around people who all had the same enthusiasm about eating real foods. From when we arrived on the Friday there was a great energy. Everyone was excited about what we were going to learn during the weekend ahead. We got fed amazing foods to fuel us up while we took in all of this information.

The course was given by the Institute of functional Medicine . Functional Medicine is a dynamic approach, which helps practitioners to identify dysfunctions in the physiology and biochemistry of the human body, as a primary way of improving our client’s health. It focuses on the biochemical individuality of the person and supports a patient centred approach. We had the privilege of listening to speakers such as Dr. Michael and Leslie Stone and Dr. Elizabeth Boham shown in picture below.

This course really interested me as it covered the signs and symptoms, right from your head to your toes. Our body is telling us so much; it is giving us clues when we are not feeling well. Why does my hair look dull and lifeless, why is my skin so dry, why do I have brittle nails and why is my hair falling out? These are all clues to tell us that something is going on in the body. Maybe we are deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral, or maybe our digestion is not working properly to absorb these nutrients. Once we know what is happening in the body we can do something about it.

We learned about the benefit of getting tests done such as the analysis of blood, stool and saliva. These all help to give us the whole picture; it is like solving a puzzle and we have to bring all the information together to give us the story of what is going on.

They promoted food first principles and what the power of good food can do for a person. Also promoted was the importance of getting clients to complete a food diary and analysing this to establish any imbalances in the diet.

The medical doctors spoke on their approach to using nutrition in medical practice and working with nutritional therapists in what proves to be a powerful relationship. At the end of the day we all have a common goal in helping people to feel better and enabling them to improve their health. Since attending this course I now have more knowledge to pass onto my clients in helping them with different aspects of their health.

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