Raw Date Bars

Makes 15 small squares    – great for adults and kids lunch boxes. Be sure to use the seeds if nuts aren’t allowed in the schools.


  • 1 cup  fresh  or  dried  dates,  pitted
  • 1½  cup  almonds  or  use  a  mix  of  pumpkin  seeds  and  sunflower  seeds  instead
  • 1-2  bananas
  • 1 heaped  tbsp  raw  cocoa  powder
  • Dried  shredded  coconut


  1. If using dried dates, soak them for a few minutes in hot water to soften.

2.Pulse  almonds/SEEDS  in a dry food  processor  until  they  are  broken up but still  in crunchy  chunks.

  1. Add the cocoa powder and pulse to combine with the nuts.  Add bananas, dates and blend until just mixed.

4.Spread  out  the mixture  evenly.

5.A  few  hours  in  the  fridge  will  make  it  easier  to  cut  into  squares  but  the   bars  are  ready  to  eat  straight  way.  They will keep for a few days in the   fridge.