So what is holistic nutrition and how is it going to benefit you?

Nutritional Therapy is a dynamic holistic therapy. Holistic nutrition is going to look at the full picture, yes a big part will be nutrition but there is also an emphasis on the other aspects of your life. How is stress affecting you how can we learn to manage it? Where are you at with exercising? What do you do for fun? What makes you laugh, love and live?

We will educate, guide and support people as they adopt healthier eating and lifestyle habits. We will advise and encourage people as they explore better food choices and start to enjoy the benefits. It is great to see clients start to develop the awareness, knowledge and skills to make more conscious and better informed choices around food, exercise and lifestyle for the benefit of their own and family’s wellbeing.

We are moving into a new paradigm of healing. The body has an innate ability to heal itself once it has the right conditions in place.

Holistic nutrition uses food and lifestyle changes to strengthen vitality and promote optimal wellness. Functional Medicine has emerged as a more positive and productive approach to chronic illness.

I recently experienced the Institute of Functional medicine seminar which was entitled “The Evolution of Medicine” summit. It was amazing to listen to the different doctors, researchers, practitioners and their approaches. Dr. David Katz works with the Feet, Forks, Fingers, Sleep, Stress and Love strategy. He states “daily habits create your destiny. That changing our food demand will change the food supply”.

Maybe we should think a bit more about that and its impact- let’s start asking for more locally grown produce and more organic to be grown in this country.

Let’s focus on real foods – which ones are the ones that are going to love you back, the ones which will give you real nutrition.

They spoke on the seminar about:

  • The need to have education about food, leading to better food choices, food is our medicine.
  • Live mindfully by cultivating inner peace, avoid worry, and manage stress.
  • Have we disconnected with our purpose, lost our passion for things.
  • The importance of sleep – how well are you sleeping.
  • Think of this change not as a sprint but as a marathon – this is for the long term benefit not the short term.

This has prompted me to attend one of their courses on the first weekend in October in London which I am very excited about. I will post when I come back to tell you all about it.

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

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  1. Hi jen i suffer with IBS mainly gas and bloating. Also hormonal imbalance. I would have a very healthy diet and exercise alot. But there is no let up. Would like to hear more about what you do. Kim

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