Healthy Tips for Surviving the Christmas

TIPS TO A HEALTHY CHRISTMAS Well it’s that time of year that we are eating out and drinking out more than any other time of the year. Visiting friends and family who just want to feed us. I think there is a love hate relationship with Christmas, we love to eat the foods and drink […]

Smarter Egg Talk – A new Paradigm of Health

When was the last time you really felt healthy and well? When last was your mood 10/10 or your energy 10/10? This was a talk I engaged in recently with the Smarter Egg Network. In this talk I discuss a new paradigm of health, where individuals can take responsibility for their health by more mindfully managing their lifestyle […]

So what is our body trying to tell us ?

Signs and Symptoms – So what is our body trying to tell us ? What a great weekend I had in London, meeting with so many who all had an interest in nutrition and the power of eating healthy foods. There were medical doctors, dentists, acupuncturists, as well as Nutritional Therapists. It was fantastic to […]